KING GM SERIES - High Efficiency Water Softener


· Made in the U.S.A.

· True 1" Porting - Provides Maximum Flow Rates, 11/4” Available

· Back-Lit Control Pad

· Simple 4 Button Controls

· Self-Charging Capacitor Power Back-Up

· No need to re-program after a power outage

· Easy to Use, Space Saving By-Pass

· Soft Water Brining - Keeps Brine Tank Clean

· Meter Delay Regeneration

· 3 year Labor and Service Call Warranty

· 5 year Valve and Electronic Controller Warranty

· Lifetime Warranty on the Pressure Tank


KING Microline Reverse Osmosis System


· 4 stages of high performance filtration

· High Capacity Tank

· Automatic Shut-Off

· High Performance T.F.C. Membrane

· Compact System

· Patented channel design

· Environmentally sound: no chemicals

· Cost Effective: No more purchasing bottled water

· Variety of designer faucets available

· Crisp, delicious and refreshing drinking water for the whole family!


KING Neutralizer Filter


· Increase pH of acidic water

· Removes metallic taste and odor

· Protects your plumbing from corrosion

· Eliminate staining on tile, sinks and toilets

· Integral dome hole for easy refill of media

· Equipped with blending valve to adjust pH

· Supplied with replacement media and fill funnel

· Equipped with bypass valve

· 90° Adapter available at additional cost

· Available in 1.5 c.f. or 3 c.f.


KING AER-MAX Iron Filter


· Removes iron and sulfur from water

· Eliminates staining on sinks, toilets and tile

· Oxidizes iron and sulfur odors

· High performance and reliability

· Air-injected

· No need for toxic chemicals

· Self-cleaning

· Automatic backwashing filter

· Available in 1.5 c.f., 3 c.f. or 5 c.f.